Wrongful death

When a child stumbles into a pool and drowns, because the property owner failed to keep the pool inaccessible to small children; when an emergency room doctor tells a middle aged overweight smoker with chest pain to come back later for a stress test and the man dies at home 20 minutes later; when one person murders another or commits manslaughter, even if they are not found guilty in criminal court; loved ones may sue for the wrongful death of their spouse or child. In some cases there is also no statute of limitations! Of course is it horribly devastating to lose a spouse or child, and no amount of money will ever come close to making you whole from such a loss, but the law does provide the only remedy we have, i.e. a money damages claim for wrongful death. No amount of money is enough, but we make them pay. Contact Higgins Law, LLC today to make that claim.