What to expect from your lawyer – the beginning of the case

When you meet with a lawyer from Higgins Law, LLC all the information will be gathered to start your case including your contact information, your version of when, where, and how the accident occurred, where your vehicle is now, whether you are losing time from work, whether you have or need a rental car while yours is repaired or replaced, what your injuries are, who has provided you any medical care for those injuries, who all the involved insurance companies are (see other article), who the other driver is, any witnesses’ names and contact information, if you have heard from the insurance companies yet, the names, phone numbers, claim numbers you have discovered and more.

Higgins Law, LLC will make sure you get the medical care you need and write to all insurance companies involved to start the process of getting each to perform their roles in your case. A determination will be made to see if you are entitled to a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or until you are paid for a replacement vehicle. Photos of injuries and vehicles may or may not be obtained depending on the circumstances. Witnesses may be contacted and so on. Higgins Law, LLC will assist in getting your lost wages claim set up for you with the proper forms from all sources to obtain the amount of the lost wages to be paid. And this is just the beginning of the work Higgins Law, LLC will be providing on your behalf, all with OUT any up front payment. We get paid out of the settlement of your claim, not up front.

Call Higgins Law, LLC as soon as possible when someone else’s carelessness causes an accident resulting in injuries to you, to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. We make them pay! Our goal is your peace of mind.