What is PIP? What is No Fault insurance?

PIP, or "Personal Injury Protection" is one of the coverages on your automobile insurance policy that is required by law (if you don’t have other security in the event of an accident, such as lots of money readily available to pay any claims). Security or Personal Injury Protection is required by the No Fault Automobile law of Florida for a particular purpose. This coverage is primarily to pay your own medical bills related to an automobile accident regardless of who was at fault for the accident, thus the "No Fault" label. Typically insurance agents sell policies with $10,000 of PIP coverage which means this coverage will pay up to $10,000 in benefits, primarily medical bills related to an automobile accident from which you are injured.

PIP coverage usually carries a lost wages benefit that is used to pay your lost wages if you were employed on the date of accident are unable to work due to injuries caused by the accident. Various documents must be properly submitted to make this claim, and Higgins Law, LLC knows how to get every penny you are entitled to in lost wages.

Medical bills are usually paid at 80% and lost wages are paid at 60% of your gross (before tax) wages. While 60% doesn’t sound like enough, keep in mind that you likely have 20% of your wages diverted to the IRS every pay day leaving you with 80% anyway, so you are getting 60% through insurance when you usually get roughly 80%, not 100%, so while it is less than your regular paycheck, it is only about 20% less, not 40% less.

There are certain forms of evidence that the insurance company requires before they are required to pay you any lost wages. Please contact Higgins Law, LLC to cut through the red tape for you, obtain and submit the necessary documents and submit the claim for you as quickly as possible, so your lost wages can be paid right away before the $10,000 in PIP benefits is exhausted on medical bills leaving no money to pay your lost wages. The insurance company is required to pay you within certain time frames and the Higgins Law, LLC knows what those deadlines are and can influence the insurance company to pay you quickly. Once the PIP coverage is used up on medical bills and other benefits, that’s the end of the PIP benefits and lost wages until the case is settled at a later date. The exhaustion of the PIP benefits usually leaves you with no more money benefits to pay any more medical bills or lost wages (unless another form of insurance is available to you), and the balance must be paid by the insurance covering the person who caused the accident. Please contact Higgins Law, LLC to find out what other insurances may be available when PIP runs out.