What is my personal injury case worth? How much can I expect it to settle for?

This is a common question that I wish there were a quick black and white formula to use to give an accurate answer, but unfortunately there is not. There are many variables at play in deciding how much your case is “worth”.

Compensation for personal injuries has the goal of making you “whole”, but of course there really is no way to make you whole when your injuries are permanent and the future is uncertain. We make the at fault party pay you as much as they can, and it never seems like enough money when you are suffering and have been through the trauma o fan accident due to someone else’s negligence.

The value of your case is determined by what an insurance company will pay to avoid having the case go to trial, which is based on what seasoned lawyers estimate what a jury will award based upon what they currently are awarding in similar cases, but this is only a part of the answer to value. How credible is the evidence? How likeable are the witnesses? How much damage was there to the vehicles? The answers to these questions and many more must be factored in to decide whether an offer is “fair” or all you can expect to be paid. When a trial is what it takes to make an at fault party to pay, we often assemble a team of lawyers to give you the strongest chance possible for the biggest settlement you deserve because we truly care about our clients and will aggressively fight for them. Call Higgins Law LLC today to handle your claim for compensation for serious injuries suffered through the fault of a careless person who caused them .