What is Contributory Negligence?

Sometimes an accident isn’t entirely one party’s fault or the other’s but is a combination of the two. What happens then? Did your own negligence contribute to the accident? Or said another way, was it partly your fault? That does not mean you are not owed compensation for the negligence of the other party who also contributed to causing the accident, but it does get complicated here, because if your negligence contributed to the accident, and the other party was injured too, the other party is making a claim against you while you are making a claim against them! Who pays how much becomes a calculation in percentages. Was the accident 25% your fault and 75% the other party’s fault? Then the you owe the other party for 25% of his damages, and they own you for 75% of your damages, and the amount of damages is different for every person, so there will be some math involved in calculating who owes whom how much in an accident caused by both parties. Higgins Law, LLC may hire an expert accident reconstructionist to determine what percentage each party is at fault, and such expert's can cost thousands of dollars, but it may be worth the cost when you are seriously injured and there is contributory negligence.

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