What are damages? (economic, non-economic; derivative, loss of consortium)

An insurance claim for personal injuries suffered in an automobile accident is comprised of both economic and non-economic damages. If you don’t have a lawyer to tell you all your rights, the insurance company may well offer you only the economic damages and never mention your right to the non-economic damages, which are often the much larger part of the settlement money you are entitled to. We make them pay everything you deserve.

Economic damages are the money losses you suffer, such as the part of the ambulance, hospital, radiology, emergency physician, treating physician, prescription, lost wages, mileage, property damages that is not covered by any other insurance. The non-economic damages are the pain and suffering you’ve been through and are expected to go through for the rest of your life, the mental anguish, the loss of the enjoyment of life such as the inability to enjoy sports and hobbies you previously enjoyed, and if you were married at the time of the accident, the loss of part of the marital relationship, called “loss of consortium”. Your spouse may have lost your services and companionship as a result of the accident and if so, your spouse has a derivative claim even if your spouse was not involved in the accident.

A key element in any claim for personal injuries is recovery of all damages suffered, both economic and non economic. Please call the Law Office of Deborah H Higgins, LLC to find out what your rights are. We make them pay! Our goal is your peace of mind.