Student Loans

There is almost always something that borrowers can to do challenge student loan collection actions and either cancel a loan or set up an affordable monthly payment plan. Understanding borrower cancellation and repayment rights is the key to assisting our clients with student loan problems. Resolving these problems is often a critical step in helping borrowers get back on their feet financially.

When threatened with tax refund intercepts, litigation, wage garnishment, and federal benefits offsets, many borrowers simply believe they have no choice but to pay the loans. To make matters worse, many of these borrowers received no value from their schooling, having attended for profit scam vocational schools that were particularly prevalent in the 1980's and early 1990's.

For these borrowers, education was initially seen as a way to financially improve their lives but has led them into a cycle of endless debt instead. The debt keeps them from going back to school and moving forward to higher paying jobs that would enable them to pay the debt, and they can’t get additional training without some financial assistance that may now be foreclosed to them.

If you know of someone suffering from the oppressive burden of student loan debt or you yourself need a way out, don’t despair. Call the Higgins Law, LLC today for an appointment about your student loan debt.