Motorcycle Accidents: We make them pay!

Motorcycle accidents: Higgins Law 4 U has represented multiple victims of motorcycle injuries and to date has obtained the policy limits (all the money there is to pay the claims) quickly after an accident! It is important to contact Higgins Law 4 U as soon as possible when involved in a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies are notified right after the accident, and it is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to contact a victim and offer a very low amount of money for a quick settlement of the claim before the victim has contacted Higgins Law 4 U to find out all their rights, such as the right to compensation for pain and suffering. The insurance adjuster might offer to pay your medical bills and nothing else, but Higgins Law 4 U has consistently obtained multiples of that amount for injured motorcyclists! Liability insurance of the at fault driver, if any, is there to pay you for not only your medical bills, but also for your motorcycle, gear, and importantly, your pain and suffering, but  the insurance company's goal is to pay you as little as they possibly can so as to make the insurance company more profitable for its shareholders, which is why you need an experienced law firm, i.e. Higgins Law 4 U to zealously fight to get you all the money you are entitled to as a result of the careless driver's negligence.  Higgins Law 4 U has a reputation for being a "shark" when it comes to getting you what you are entitled to, and you will need this shark, because no matter how nice the insurance adjuster may seem, the insurance company's goal is to save money, which means paying you a lot less than you are entitled to UNLESS you have a shark to assertively insist on them paying you what you are entitled to due to the injuries suffered! Higgins Law 4 U  is the experienced professional you need. Ms. Higgins KNOWS how to get you all the coverage available for your motorcyclist personal injury claim, and the insurance companies know it is in their best interests when they see you are represented by Higgins Law 4 U. Call today. Don't delay. To date, Higgins Law 4 U has ALWAYS obtained the FULL policy limits for ALL motorcyclists who have been represented by her for motorcycle accidents, and to date she has been able to settle motorcycle claims quickly. Get top dollar! Contact Higgins Law 4 U today. She will even come to you!