Is bankruptcy right for you?

There is an inexpensive way to eliminate unsecured debt without bankruptcy, and Higgins Law may be able to file a lawsuit for you free of any legal fees if debt collectors continue to harass you. Many people inquire about filing for bankruptcy without realizing there are other options. For some, bankruptcy it is the best option. For many others, other solutions work best. Whether bankruptcy is a good choice or not is heavily dependent on one’s particular financial circumstances at any given time. Be sure to choose a competent bankruptcy attorney who has been filing bankruptcies for years and knows other ways to shed debt.

Here’s an example I see a lot. A hypothetical person age 68 or over who owns their own home where they have lived for more than 3 and one-quarter years and owns a vehicle with less than $2,000 in equity. Perhaps the have a protected retirement account, but they don’t have any assets other than ordinary household goods. Either they fell ill and have large medical expenses they can’t pay, or they co-signed for a relative’s vehicle that the relative can’t pay for, or being out of work, used credit cards in the hopes that a return to work would allow them to pay them off later, but that couldn't get a job. Now they have aggressive medical providers and/or collection agencies calling frequently to collect or threatening to sue, or they may have even filed a lawsuit to collect. What does one do? It can be embarrassing, humiliating, and debt collectors use that to their advantage. Should this person resort to bankruptcy? There is a choice to make. Bankruptcy could get rid of medical debt, collection agency calls, collection lawsuits, and judgments but there are other solutions that cost far less for the "uncollectible" debtor. Please call today and ask about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act solution. You'll be glad you did. Higgins Law, LLC where your peace of mind is our concern.