If there’s no vehicle registered in my name do I get PIP benefits?

What if I don’t have a vehicle registered to me and I get into an automobile accident? Is there any insurance to pay my accident related medical bills then? Fortunately, Higgins Law, LLC has the solution to this problem. Florida No Fault law provides that if you get into an automobile accident but have no vehicle registered to you, no PIP coverage of your own, you may be eligible for the PIP benefits of a "resident relative", i.e. a relative who lives with you who owns a vehicle and has PIP coverage on their automobile insurance. Sometimes people are reluctant to avail themselves of a relative’s PIP coverage for fear it will make the premiums go up, but premium increase is related to who caused the accident rather than who made a claim, so make the claim.

But what if I don’t live with a relative who has a vehicle registered to them, and there’s no vehicle registered to me either? Where will any PIP benefits come from then? Under these circumstances, the law provides that you can avail yourself of the at fault driver’s PIP coverage. Be sure to hire Higgins Law, LLC to make sure the at fault driver’s PIP insurance coverage is applied to pay your medical bills, lost wages, prescription reimbursement, and mileage claims for you. Particular documents must be submitted to obtain these benefits, and the Higgins Law, LLC will cut through the red tape, obtain the necessary documents, and present them to the insurance company to make sure you promptly receive the PIP benefits you deserve. Call us today. Your peace of mind is our goal.