If I’m in an accident, is the at fault party’s insurance company going to help me?

Even if the negligent party who caused the accident that directly resulted in your injuries is completely at fault for the accident, that might still have to be proven at trial, but it is the not often that they will simply admit it was all their fault. Their insurance company has an obligation to its shareholders to make the insurance company as profitable as possible, and one of the ways they strive to meet that goal, just like any other business, is to keep expenses down. For the insurance company, paying your claim is a big expense they want to avoid or minimize for the benefit of shareholders, so they hire defense attorneys to try to find ways to pay you as little as possible (or not at all).

One way the insurance company’s lawyer can help his client save money is to blame you for causing the accident. The insurance company may try to bolster their case against you by trying to get you to give them a recorded statement as soon as possible, before you find out what their real intentions are, i.e. not to help you, but to help their company save money by not paying you, and before you have a lawyer advocating on your behalf.

One of my former clients told me the at fault party whose vehicle rear ended my client’s vehicle called his insurance company from the scene of the accident and the insurance adjuster came to the scene of the accident and made a low offer to settle right then! This is a great way for the insurance company to save a lot of money, because the victim often doesn’t yet know how badly or permanently injured they are, whether they will need surgery or not, and what their other losses will be.

One of the reasons you must contact the Higgins Law, LLC right away when you’ve been involved in an accident is that while the law allows the insurance company to contact you right away and seek to take your statement before you even know you need a lawyer, but the law does NOT allow a lawyer who doesn’t already know you to directly contact you in the 30 days following the accident to warn you not to talk to the insurance company without a lawyer present, because this would seem to be in bad taste, too much like “ambulance chasing” . It might appear that the lawyer was trying to get rich off the victim’s suffering, so the lawyer who doesn’t already know you isn’t allowed to directly solicit your business within the 30 days following the accident, giving the insurance company a whole month to contact you, get a recorded statement to use against you later, and try to get you to settle for only the economic damages, or worse. The loyalty of the insurance company for the at fault party is to its shareholders, not to you. They may sound real nice and concerned, but they do not have your best interests at heart. It is quite the opposite. This is why it is important to contact Higgins Law, LLC immediately when you have been involved in an automobile accident, and DON’T talk to the at fault party’s insurance company at all. What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Let your lawyer do all the talking for you.

Call Higgins Law LLC immediately and don’t talk to the at fault insurance company’s lawyer at all while the case is pending, certainly not without your lawyer present. Call Higgins Law, LLC to protect your rights. Our goal is your peace of mind.