How to Get a Copy of Your Accident Report

First determine which police department arrived at the scene of the accident. If you received a driver’s exchange of information, the name of the police department is usually on the report. Depending on which law enforcement authority arrived, there are differing methods to receive the accident report.

For example, if vehicle accident occurred in Polk County, as of the date this article was written (late 2014), the easiest method by which you can obtain your accident report is by email. The "catch" is that you must submit not only your request but also their sworn affidavit indicating your relationship to the accident, i.e. that you were a driver in the accident, as opposed to being an insurer or other relationship. You can telephone the sheriff’s office and ask them to email you the affidavit and they will. Then fill it out, have your signature notarized (usually your bank will do this for free), scan and email it back to the email address the sheriff’s office provides. Currently, the contact information is: PCSO fax 863-298-6459 or email to You must the attach sworn affidavit request which they will email to you upon calling them. It has to be NOTARIZED. Sheriff phone (863) 298-6300.

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Watch for other articles on how to obtain an accident report if law enforcement from a different agency arrives at the scene, or if the police aren’t called at all. Higgins Law 4 U is on your side.