How much does the insurance company have to pay for my damaged vehicle?

The insurance company who is paying the property damage will send out an adjuster to look at your vehicle and appraise the damage. If the adjuster thinks the vehicle can be repaired, the insurance company will either encourage you to have their auto body mechanics fix it so they can pay the auto body mechanic directly, or you can take it to an auto body mechanic of your choosing, but the insurance company will only offer to pay what they would have paid their own auto body mechanic. It is usually too costly to fight this out in court if you and the company don’t agree, so negotiations often result in a resolution everyone can live with.

You can get three estimates, submit them to the insurance company, and argue this is the cost for repairs, then keep the money and never repair the vehicle if you want to, or you use the money to get whomever you want to fix your vehicle. Some insurance companies have auto body shops of their own that they prefer you use and give guarantees to entice you to use them. The choice is yours.

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