Automobile Accidents

Injuries sustained in any automobile accident, whether motor cycle, truck, car, van, SUV, etc. require the immediate retention of a competent and experienced personal injuries attorney like Deborah Higgins of Higgins Law, LLC. Whether the insurance adjuster acts like your friend or gives you a hard time, be sure that their motives are to save the insurance company money by paying you less for your claim. They start by asking for a recorded statement about how the accident happened and what your injuries are. Everything you say on that recorded statement can and will be used against you in a court of law. You are not required to give a recorded statement to the at fault party’s insurance company and should not talk to that adjuster at all. Call us first, before you talk to the at fault party’s insurance adjuster, so mistakes are not made at the onset that could be fatal to your claim later.

It is not the adjuster’s responsibility to tell you what your rights are. Questions crop up at the start such as: Am I entitled to a rental car? Who has to pay for it? How much should be paid for my vehicle if it is totaled? Do I have to accept after market parts? Do I have to use the body shop the insurance company recommends, or can I use someone of my own choosing? Which doctors are best for my type of injuries? Who pays for my prescriptions? Am I entitled to mileage reimbursement to go to the doctor appointments? And if so, how much? How and when will my lost wages be paid and at what rate?

Only a competent and experienced personal injury attorney like Deborah Higgins can give you the answers to these questions and more. For zealous representation by an experienced personal injuries lawyer, call Deborah Higgins, Attorney and Counselor at Law, today at (863) 325-0343.